Listening Touch
-Introduction to Craniosacral Work 

One of my favorite things about Craniosacral Therapy is that basic techniques can be profoundly effective even when applied by a complete beginner.

Seeing this over the years in my classes has inspired me to offer this workshop which is open to all, regardless of prior touch therapy experience. Listening Touch™ has roots in craniosacral therapy, energy medicine, continuum, qigong, and other potent natural healthcare modalities. All treatment is received fully clothed.

Who this workshop is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to help themselves and others with gentle noninvasive touch

  • Parents seeking new ways to support their children

  • Couples looking to deepen their awareness of and presence with the other

  • Body workers and other practitioners wanting to expand the depth and effectiveness of their current treatment modality

Expect to learn:

  • Techniques to open to and develop intuition and subtle perception

  • How to approach and work with the body in a profoundly therapeutic way

  • A series of gentle and effective touch techniques  

  • Simple yet powerful self-treatment methods

Time, Location & Cost


To Be Announced


The workshop is 8.5 hours long and runs from 10am–6:30pm.


$125 per person
CE credits and some scholarships available.


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Thank you so much for your workshop this evening. I fully appreciated your level of awareness, technique, and knowledge. I found the information invaluable and encouraging.
— S.P.


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