Energy Work / Distance Treatment

Each of us has a subtle or non-physical energy field that permeates our body and mind. It is often called the biofield, or bio-energy field.

In a healthy state, the biofield supports physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Likewise, past experiences, old ways of thinking and being, emotional patterns, and external influences can all be stored as energetic imprints in the biofield, causing physical symptoms as well as disruption or imbalance in any area of life.

I can not express to you how much this is helping me finally get what I need in life!
— B.B.

What does a Distance Treatment session look like?

Distance treatment involves working remotely while on the telephone, for example with me in my office and you comfortably at home, to resolve obstructions in your subtle energy field. I enter and maintain a state of awareness in which I can perceive the subtle energies of your biofield. In collaboration with the innate intelligence of your system, obstructions are released and health is naturally restored.

If you’ve never experienced anything like this before,
it may sound far-fetched.

But many cultures have been using different forms of “energy” or biofield therapy as a central part of their healthcare systems for centuries. Modern science is also catching on, with an increasing number of studies documenting the existence of the biofield and the potential to affect change beyond what we have commonly thought possible.

Nothing short of amazing. My left knee is pain free…has been all night. Now if I can learn to bring those forces to repair for myself ;-) Thanks!
— H.S.

When may this treatment be supportive?

  • At any stage of a dis-ease process

  • Finding ones life path/right livelihood

  • Untangling difficult relationships, personal and professional

  • During surgical procedures and post-operative recovery

  • During major life transitions

  • General feeling of being "stuck" or "blocked"

  • Finding clarity for important decisions or interactions

  • When adversely affected by the energy of others

  • Discovering the obstacles blocking full potential

  • Bringing forward ones deeper authentic nature

  • Lack of vital energy or inspiration

  • Clearing blocks of meditation or other daily practice

In addition, I am often hired by parents to support their children.

What to Expect

I generally conduct Energy Work treatment while on the phone. After discussing your goals, you will lay down or sit quietly. I will share what I am perceiving and doing, and there may also be periods of silence. You will have the opportunity to comment and refine your intentions as we go along.

That ain’t no Reiki man!
— T.R.

The felt experience can range from "feeling expanded" or  “subtle shifting” to “it’s as if you were here in the room!” Most experiences fall somewhere in between.


Distance Treatment Pricing:

60 min - $135     /    30 min - $75

I love sharing this work!

Want to try a free 15 minute mini-treatment? Text, call, or email to schedule.

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My 4-month old hasn’t napped for more than 30 minutes in weeks. Taxing for us all! After the treatment today, she slept for 2 1/2 hours and woke up calm and refreshed. Feels like a miracle. Thank you so much!
— C.G.
Your work has had a fundamental impact on my being. I had nerve pain and was grinding my teeth when we first met, but these issues resolved more quickly than I could have hoped for and we are now able to work on a deeper level. While I look forward to my in-person appointments, I’ve found the remote work just as beneficial.
— H.S.
I have had a “live” session and a distance session with Ko and found both to be equally as effective. Ko is one of those gifted individuals who appears to embody deep knowledge as well as a profound desire to help others optimize their health both physically and on deeper levels. The combined function of this knowledge and caring creates a most unique and powerful healing modality. I plan to continue my sessions with Ko on a regular basis as the benefits begin immediately and continue to evolve long after.