Your body is striving to optimize!

You may feel “off” now, but it’s true—your body really does know best. When properly supported, it will naturally move toward optimal health.

The treatment sessions and classes I offer give this kind of support, removing obstacles so the body can help itself!

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, are recovering from an accident or illness, want to sleep better, think more clearly, or bring more joy back into your life, this therapy may be a key your body can use to get back on track!

Read on about Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work, and Ko Darlington.


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wow!! big improvement in my back & torso... THANK YOU soooo much!!! & i slept the best in a long time. My mind is much quieter & I feel energy moving thru me in a different way.... i feel energetically more cohesive. improvements in many directions that i think will continue to unfold for some time. I’ll keep u posted .... :)
— M.S.