Distance Treatment via Teleclass

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These treatments create an amplified healing state within the participant and support the removal of obstacles, opening the way for solutions in all areas of life.

Amazing session today. Gratitude off the charts. Thank you!
— T.T.

How does it work?

  • After registering, one receives an email with detailed instructions and an access code.
  • Participants call a toll free number or visit a web page to listen in.
  • Only Ko will know who is on the line. His voice will be heard and all other lines are muted.
  • There will be guided instructions and times of silence during the treatment.
  • To learn about "energy work" and the private distance treatments offered, see the Energy Work page.

Over the last month that I’ve been receiving the weekly Group Treatment from Ko, I’ve noticed so many unexpected, positive changes: more consistent energy levels, feeling clearer in my mind and actions, more easily able to shift gears from work to relaxation, less pain and more movement in my spine and sacrum, and so much more! Even the calls I couldn’t attend provided a deep sense of support. I’m deeply grateful for this affordable, simple way of aligning further with my individual needs and goals.
— A.B.

Potential Benefits?

  • The treatment addresses all aspects of a person's experience - physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, relational, and worldly
  • Opens the way for deep healing in the physical body
  • Supports the effectiveness of other modalities within one's healthcare regimen
  • Increases vital energy and inspiration
  • Removes obstacles blocking ones full potential
I can not express to you how much this is helping me finally get what I need in life!
— B.B.

A Few more Details:

  • All group treatments are offered remotely via teleclass.
  • Sessions are open to the public, and no previous experience is required.
  • One need not be on the call at all to receive benefit, and may be resting or engaging in other activities during the treatment.
  • With their permission, loved ones may be signed up to receive the treatment.
  • Group treatment is not appropriate for pregnant women or anyone under 16 years old.
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Group Treatment Pricing:

$20 per single treatment - Discounted rate is available during registration if needed

$57 per month for ongoing weekly participation

THANK YOU for Tuesday mornings!!!!
— A.G.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the group treatments, call, text, or email.

425.471.5479 kodarlington@gmail.com

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