7 Cycles
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This practice profoundly affects ones physical and energetic well-being by utilizing a structured movement form along with synchronized breathing, mindfulness, and specific focuses of awareness. 7 Cycles™ serves as an excellent self-care practice on its own or as maintenance in between craniosacral treatments.

Potential benefits include:

  • Become more grounded in your body

  • Improve flexibility

  • Build strength

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase energy flow and vibrancy

  • Promote emotional well being

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Open perceptual sensitivity

  • Awaken creativity

  • Cultivate mindfulness

  • Resolve old patterns and move into what's next

  • Support optimal structural alignment and posture


In this weekly drop-in class, you will learn the entire 7 Cycles™ practice

In each class we warm up, go into a detailed study of a section of the form, and then move through the 30 minute practice together. Instructions for a 15-minute short form will be given.

Modifications will be offered if necessary based on individual abilities and limitations. You will leave class with written instructions for practice at home.

In Person Classes: 


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Thank you so much for this practice! I have only been doing it regularly for a month and I already see my body changing. My posture is better, my legs and core are stronger, and my flexibility is getting better every day. I find it much easier to feel good in my body and slow my mind down for morning meditation after I have done the 7 cycles practice.
— K.S.

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