7 Cycles 
Online Movement Meditation Class 


The first 2 classes are free! 
$10 per class or $25 per month by subscription



The video stream is easy to join below. Your email address is required... and you will only receive notices for future classes if you request it and you would have complete control over any additional notifications you may want.

Nobody will see or hear you during the class, relax and enjoy! 

Some of the practice will be done seated on the floor so you may want to be on a soft surface. Be well hydrated, let's go!

This is a "beta testing" period...  please text me if you have trouble joining, if there are technical difficulties, and with any feedback you feel may be useful to me. Thanks for participating!


seven cycles moving meditation. Catch the next live stream here (on the button) add a bulleted list above or around the button 

  • increase flexibilityh 
  • Build strength 
  • creativity 
  • etc. 



Become a patron of 7 Cycles? 

If you are receiving value from this practice or just want to support goodness in the world, consider becoming a patron. My intention is to continue offering this practice to everyone regardless of their ability to reciprocate financially. With sufficient patronage, I will be able to offer additional weekly class times both online and locally. Additionally, I would like to be sharing other practices which I have developed shifting my professional focus to half time giving one on one treatments and half time training practitioners and offering classes and groups online and locally which support individuals helping themselves. 


Sufficient patronage would allow me to follow my hearts desire of not only making 7 Cycles more availalbe online and locally but to focus more time on developing and offering other practices I have developed and also training of practioners in the bodywork... 

Donate Anonymously? 

Yes! if you would like to be an anonymous patron simply use any name you wish and make sure your email address is one not recognizable by me. Thank you!