Classes and Groups


7 Cycles™

This practice profoundly affects ones physical and energetic well-being by utilizing a structured movement form along with mindfulness and specific focuses of awareness. 7 Cycles™ serves as an excellent self-care practice on its own or as maintenance in between Craniosacral treatments.


Listening Touch™

One of my favorite things about Craniosacral Therapy is the way that basic techniques can be profoundly effective even when applied by a complete beginner. Seeing this over the years in my classes has inspired me to offer this workshop which is open to all, regardless of prior touch therapy experience.

Move Into Balance™

Learn how to support your body’s natural drive for health and balance in this unique movement class. Rather than “telling” the body what to do, we will work with the body’s spontaneous rhythms of stillness and movement using principles of Craniosacral Therapy, Continuum, and Mindfulness Meditation.


Foundations of
Therapeutic Bodywork

Working with Craniosacral and other subtle body phenomena has the potential to add potency and efficacy to the therapeutic relationship. In this 6-week course, we will cultivate skills and awareness to take your work with patients and clients to a new level through the experience of Craniosacral touch.