CST for Adults

Rather than doing “to” the body, my approach is about supporting a process that already exists.

By supporting your body in making the changes it is already striving to make, my aim is to promote permanent resolution and healing.

My approach also includes:

  • 75-minute treatment sessions in order to achieve more complete resolution of issues.

  • A range of complementary healing modalities to support your treatment goals.

If you haven't already, you can read about the theory, benefits, and applications of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) by clicking the button below:

What to Expect

You will lay fully clothed on a massage table, generally in silence, occasionally with soft music. While tracking your body’s craniosacral rhythm, I will apply gentle touch and movement, sometimes lifting your limbs and/or head, to release obstructions. You will be free to move, stretch, share comments, and ask questions as they arise.

Craniosacral work is deeply relaxing and pleasant for most people. The subtleties of the inner experience are different for everyone.

This therapy has been deeply transformative on many levels: physical, emotional, and even spiritual. It has opened up my back muscles and spine, providing relief from repetitive stress issues I’ve had for more than a decade. Emotionally it has helped me to heal unaddressed trauma from the distant past. Ko is a master practitioner and a rare healer.
— R.T.
I have Joan of Arc core strength this morning. Amazing awakening. Thank you!
— N.B.

Adult CST Pricing

75 minutes / $135
(initial treatment 90 min $135)

call/text  425.471.5479